Presenters – Andrew Farr

Source: Information obtained from Focus Mag Article.


Great Lakes FM recently celebrated 21 years on the airwaves in the Manning Great Lakes. We take a look at
what has been achieved, and discuss future plans with General Manager Andrew Farr.

Originally from England, what brought you to Forster?

Although I was born in the UK, my father and sister were both born in Australia. I grew up in a typical English country village in the county of Oxfordshire. It was very picturesque, with thatched cottages and three pubs, but not a very exciting place for a young person to live. My dad was very patriotic and he often talked about Australia. He made it sound such an interesting and beautiful place, that it really inspired me to come here.

So, eventually I got myself a ticket and boarded a plane bound for Singapore. From there I got on
a Russian livestock ship and ended up in Fremantle in early 1980.

My dad was right; I found Australia both interesting and beautiful, and I spent the next few
years travelling and exploring this huge country.